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10 February 2017 @ 10:30 am

Hey sweets, happy Friday ♥ Still battling this cold (bleh) and having some not so fun side effects from a switch to new birth control brand (pharmacy decided to switch up brands so now I have forever headaches and fatigue until my body adjusts). Anyways, not to gripe too much, all is well :) I hope everyone's taking care or at least finding pockets of good things or times ♥

I dug around Friday Five for some inspiration for questions today but landed on these and thought they sounded fun! I've been getting out and about more these days and trying resturants and eats I haven't been able to in/had money to/energy to visit in the past so it's been a lot of fun. Feel free to answer these based on where you currently live or some place you used to live that had some of your favorites.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend ♥

1. What's your favorite restaurant in your city?

2. What do you like to order there?

3. What's your favorite appetizer, at any restaurant?

4. What's a restaurant dish you've tried to make at home?

5. What would make you refuse to go back to a restaurant?


Do you use yelp, tripadvisor or any other website to find new eats/recommendations?

What's been your worst dining experience?

Do you enjoy taking pics of your food and sharing them on social media?

Handy textbox:

Bonus questions:

ETA: Random but after more peer pressure, I rejoined snapchat lol Username is katielsi. Anyone feel free to add new and old friends! Will probably be pics of food, selfies and lots of fandom stuff.